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March 27


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*Dcat, Noah, Nakato and Neko are shown wearing various party hats in a room decorated for a party*

Dcat: It’s almost party time!

Noah: Yeah, everything’s decorated, food table looks great. Nothing left to do but wait for the best party ever!

Neko: Best party ever!

Dcat: Now we know, your party is probably not going to be as good as our party, but we can help you make it a little bit better.

Noah: Party Tip #1: Invite the right people. People who will make the party fun. Like this guy!

*man doing palm farts to Bohemian Rhapsody*

Neko: Party Tip #2= Running out of food at a party is a real problem. In the middle of party, have a Scavenger Hunt! And have your guests find: pizza pie, assorted vegetable platter, pigs in blanket, and hamburger.

*shows Rizzo the rat holding a list*

Rizzo: I don’t get it. Where is the vegetable plat-oh right, I ate the entire thing.

Usopp: Tip #3= Everyone has their party at their house. But you should have the party where you’re not supposed to, like the library or jail.

*shows dance party inside a library*

Zelda Rose: Get out! All of you! A library is no place to throw a party! That’s it! I’m sending you all to jail!

*shows dance party inside jail cell*

Cop: Umm…they’re still having fun.

Luffy: Tip #4= To surprise someone on their birthday, have everyone they know gather in their home, and yell surprise when they walk in, but have everyone by naked! Surprise!

*Usopp walks into house with the lights off. Lights turn on*

Various people from off-screen: SURPRISE!

Usopp: Aw guys, you really shou-WAIT! WHY ARE YOU ALL NAKED!

Nakato: Party Tip #5= This is really expensive but it’s the best. Instead of hiring one clown to come to your party, hire 20! And instead of giving them your address, give them your neighbors address!

*shows a house full of various clowns*

Sam the Eagle: What are weirdoes doing in my house! Get out!

Pepe the king Prawn: Tip 6= To make it a bachelor party your friend will never forget, when you wheel out the cake, with that special lady inside, make sure that special lady is his mother.

*…I don’t want to describe this one*

Rizzo: Tip 7= Invite 100 people, but only tell one person it’s a costume party.

*shows Fozzie wearing a farmer costume surrounded by various whatnots wearing formal clothing*

Fozzie: Hey! Why aren’t you in costumes?

Whatnot man: It’s a formal party, not a costume party.

Fozzie: RIZZO!

Adam: Tip 8= This is more of a life tip. Invite everyone over to your house and say, “Surprise! There’s no party! You’re all helping me move today!”

*shows Adam under a pile of cardboard boxes*

Adam: They can’t take a joke.

Neko: Tip 9= The problem is people leaving the party. To insure your guests stay, make sure the food is good, the music is great, and everyone is chained to the wall!

*shows a party in a house and everyone except Neko are chained to the wall*

Neko: Isn’t this a fun party?

Jeff the Killer: I think we’d have more fun if you unchained us.

Neko: but if I unchain you, you’ll all escape! HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Dcat: I think she’s lost it.

Slenderman: I don’t think she even had it.

Luffy: Tip 10= Not everyone like cake, but everyone likes meat, so make a meat cake!

*shows Luffy eating a meat cake and everyone around him looks disgusted*

Luffy: You guys sure you don’t want any?

Nami: We’re sure, you can have it all.

Floyd Pepper: Tip 11= Invite Andrew W K to your party.

*shows clip of Andrew W K singing song on stage*

Noah: No! Don’t invite him!

Floyd: Why not? He’s the best.

Noah: He burned my birthday party.

*shows a little Noah surrounded by burning party decorations*

Rizzo: Tip 12= If your party ends at 10, invite Chevy Chase, and tell him the party starts at 10. When he shows up, everybody will leave.

*shows everyone leaving as Chevy Chase comes to the party*

Chevy: Why is everyone leaving?

Rizzo: Cause you’re lame.

Ben Drowned: Tip 13= Tupperware parties, always boring. So liven it up! With snakes! And do this! Have your guests pay to NOT take them home!

*shows every person holding a Tupperware box with a snake of some sort in it*

Dcat: Do we have to take them home?

Ben: No money, you have to keep snake.

Neko: *Off-screen* Guys, I think the snakes are poisonous.

Nakato: What makes you say that?
*Neko walks up with a snake biting at her head, Collapses to the ground. Everyone else starts digging into their pockets for money*

Noah: It’ll be worth every penny.

Nakato: Tip 14= A silly game people like to play at a party is six degrees of Kevin Bacon.

Neko: This again? I thought we did this for Top 10 Single Digit Numbers?

Nakato: We did, but it’s a good game. You know the game where a guy knows a guy who knows a guy who knows Kevin Bacon. Just find the guy who knows Kevin Bacon and have Kevin Bacon come to your party!

Neko: …really?

Nakato: Yeah! Nothing says party like Kevin Bacon.

Neko: *shakes head no*

Good tips for a great party...maybe
I own Dcatpuppet, Noah, and Adam
:iconnakato-chan: owns Nakato
:iconnekoawesome-chan: owns Neko
Jim Henson owns Muppets
Eiichiro Oda owns One Piece
Creepypasta owns Jeff the Killer, Ben Drowned and Slenderman.
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nekoAwesome-chan Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
I died at the chain to the wall part.
Good job.
DCatpuppet Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2014  Student Writer
:D I figured so, What about the snake part with Ben?
nekoAwesome-chan Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
I died at that part too
SOO funny.
But then Chase would protect her from anything.
DCatpuppet Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2014  Student Writer
What about Adam's moving thing?
nekoAwesome-chan Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
I just want to punch him in the face.
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